Variety name

Mozafati Bam Dates

Growing Area

Crop quantity per annum

120000 Tons

Harvest period

Mid Aug to mid Sep

Best time for ordering

October on ward

Availability period

Throughout the whole year

Storing condition

A. Regular warehouse not recommended for long period

B. Cold room Best temperature +5C degrees, humidity not

less than 65%

Shelf life

A. In regular warehouse 1 month

B. In cold room over 18 months

** Inconstant temperature is harmful

Packing type / size

400g, 450g, 600g and 650g cardboard boxes and the

biggest possible size 5 Kg cartons


Direct consumption and as an ingredient for home cooking

Storing within home usage

Keeping in refrigerator

Shipment by

* Reefer container is recommended.
* Dry Container could be possible and will be recommended at time of ordering depending to time of the year




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