Savory Stuffed Dates


24 whole blanched almonds
24 Mozafati dates (pitted)
11/4 Tea Spoon Ground white pepper
3/4 Tea Spoon Ground nutmeg.
1/4 Tea Spoon Ground cinnamon
3 Tea Spoon Dry mustard
4 Tea Spoon Soy sauce
2 Tea Spoon Sanflower oil

Peeled the dates and stuff them with almonds. Press dates to reshape. In a bowl combine remaining ingredients; add dates. Stir to coat dates. Let stand threehours, stirring occasionally. When ready to serve arrange dates on a baking sheet. Bake in a 350 degree oven till heated through (about 6-7 minutes). Insert a cocktail pick into each date and stick them into a grapefruit.Place on a serving tray; serve hot. Makes 24 pieces (6-8 servings).

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