Cookies with date paste

Ingredients (10 to 12 cookies)
Blanched almond flour: ½ cup
Date paste: ½ cup
Baking soda: ½ tsp
Nut butter: ¼ cup
Vanilla extract: 1 tsp
Dark chocolate: 1/3 cup
Raw sugar (optional) for topping

1.Preheat the oven to 177°C or 350° F for 10 minutes.
2.Stir almond flour, baking soda, nut butter, and date paste with a wooden spoon or a blending machine to combine the ingredients thoroughly until the batter is thick.
3.Add salt, chocolate, and chopped nuts (optional) and mix again.
4.Make a golf size of this mixture and roll it into the sugar (optional). Then put it on the perch and press down to become flat. You will have up to 10 cookies after this step.
5.Put the cookies, which are placed on the oven pan, inside the oven and let them bake for almost 12 minutes. The cookies are ready when the edges become golden and a little crispy.
6.Remove and let it cool before serving

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